Monday, June 25, 2012

Social Networking

The first time i used Facebook I though of it as nothing more than an updated myspace. I thought it was confusing because of all the things you could do but at the same time I thought it was a great way to meet new people preferably girls and a way to interact with peers. It was a place to post pictures of yourself and post stats everyday on whatever you wanted to talk about and people all over could read and comment on it.

Now years later of Facebook i use it in a whole different way in the sense that i use it to my advantage. Instead of posting dumb things, and posting dumb pictures, and trying to pick up girls I instead use it to advance myself in life along with having a little fun as well. I watch myself now and what i post because jobs are now starting to look into people's facebook to find out the real person they are looking to hire other than the things they tell them. I post pictures but now I use facebook to post pictures of internships, places, organizations, my stories  in a way that i publicize myself in a positive manner where future job employers can look and see that outside the business world im still in business mode. I also use the website to keep in touch with family members that don't live in the state of New York and it's a good way to just meet people without giving out numbers and looking people up.

There are many ways to use Facebook other than the ways I use it such as freedom of speech, talking about others, posting videos, trademarking a company or event, etc. and it can be good or bad.

Yes it was acceptable for my instructor to friend me on Facebook because it was part of the project and it gave me a chance to trademark myself to my teacher that in the future could help me. I think in general it depends on how use Facebook that determines if you think whether or not it is acceptable for your instructor to friend you. If you have inappropriate pictures, stats, and videos it wouldn't be smart to friend your instructor but if you post good and positive things then it would be a good idea to friend your instructor. It all depends on how you use Facebook when deciding who can and can't be your friend.

No matter what you do if you post anything to Facebook that thing is automatically public and not private. When you post a stat it is posted for others to see. Same thing goes for pictures, videos, etc. when you post something onto facebook privacy is at risk. Even though you can post pictures, videos, stats, etc. to be private or in sight of only certain people that still doesn't make it private because SOME still can see it. Younger generations grew up in a society where it's hard to be private therefore the younger generation has no problem posting their business because they are used to it while older generations see this as a disgrace and negative exposure that is not needed. So when it comes to privacy there's honestly no real privacy but the effectiveness of privacy is taken two different ways based on the age of the person and what they believe benefits them.

Depending again on the way a person uses Facebook there are rules of etiquette or tips that you can use while on social networks. One is refrain from having business and pleasure under one account. If you want to have a professional profile and still want to use it to stay in contact with people or have fun make two separate accounts that way there is no confusion and you avoid issues on the professional aspect with employers and others. When posting information about yourself make sure everything is accurate because if somebody looks you up that is what they are going to think about you no matter what crazy information is on there. Everything you post make sure it is something that you'd be proud of and someone else wouldn't question such as your account name, etc.

Don't constantly write about yourself but instead write about others and other interesting subjects going on in the world because it opens up your mind to other things and shows others that you have an extensive urge for knowledge especially employers. Credibility wise don't request strangers and ask them to support you or what you do because that diminishes your credibility. Never post things when you are sad, or angry because you can say something that you may regret and as we all know whenever you post something you may delete it but people have still seen what you said before so.

I haven't had an awkward moment but just last week i posted a stat on Facebook asking if my cousin and I had a pool party who would come just to see how many people were interested. After getting lots of likes with people agreeing to come some asked when were we thinking of having one and my cousin posted some possible dates. Come to find out it was the dates that my aunt and uncle were going to be out of town and my aunt saw it because she has her own Facebook page. I wasn't aware those were the dates so my aunt asked me about it without my cousin being around so it was pretty awkward and caught me off guard so I'd consider it awkward lol.

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