Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Family Video

When we were given the assignment of making a video based on something that we valued the first thing that came to my mind was family and sports. After thinking it out I decided to go with family because I thought it was the best topic that I could get the most information out of. Who better to talk about family then your own family?
While preparing for the video it was a little hard coming up with some questions other than the obvious what do you think about family? After some serious thinking I came up with three questions that I thought were clear, concise, but at the same time different. The questions I came up with were:
1. What do you think when you hear the word family?
2. What do you value most about family?
3. Where do you think you would be without family?
I thought with each question it gave the subject the chance to really sit and think about their family and kind of bring back memories at the same time. It really gave my family the chance to express how they feel about the family good or bad and I think that's what made the video even better because every person who spoke was honest and really took their answers to the questions in full detail. 
When interviewing I knew automatically my mom was somebody who was great to talk to because she is teacher so she has a great voice, has a lot to say, and really is involved deeply with our family. When asking her the questions you can see she went beyond the question with every one and gave you real insight to how she felt about family and gives credit to the family through good and bad. My sister was a little nervous shown by her short interview but what was good about it was that my mom wasn't in the room so she couldn't just say the same thing that my mom did but she spoke on how she felt even though it was short. 
Two of my aunts also were interviewed during the process and I thought they did a good job as well in answering the questions and they both had different answers that were different from my mom and sister as well so it wasn't the same old boring tired answer. I separated every bodies interview instead of of combining all three of my families answers to each respective question because since they had all different answers I thought it was better to focus on what were they were saying more so then the question itself. I tried getting a male's perspective, which didn’t happen, but at the same time I wanted to get three different age groups in the family and I was able to do that. The age variation was from 14-60 so I thought it was a great opportunity to get a different perspective to the subject from different people. 
Overall I loved doing the video because it gave me a chance to go inside the mind of certain people in my family that had it not for this project I would not have been able to. It was fun because my family all have their differences like any other family but when I needed them the most they were there for me to help me with the project on such short notice and I think that itself is what the video was all about and they showed family before even answering the questions by agreeing to help me with something and taking time out of their days to help me and that to me is what family is all about and I tried to envision that in my short video. Also something I thought that expressed family to a great extent that really supported my video as well is because they also talked about family and the importance along with myself.

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