Monday, July 2, 2012


      Microblogging is different than blogging in the sense that instead of posting information based on an individual you are now doing the same thing and it is now viral. In a usual blog an individual would just post information ranging in variety from their daily activities, etc. With microblogging people now post information that variates from daily activities to sports,etc. A great example of microblogging is the social phenomenon Twitter. Twitter is a way for users to post information in a shortened blog of 140 characters where that information can be shared with hundreds and thousands of people worldwide for them to see. The subject doesn't matter and there are certain privacy settings that can be made as opposed to bloggging.
      Microblogging is different from social networks like Facebook because it's more professional in a way. When you think of Facebook you think of friends and contacts and a more relaxed personal network. On Facebook you can post information for friends and relatives to see along with finding other people in different states that you may or may not know. Facebook is a way for people to stay in contact with others and a way for people to express their feelings good or bad and there is no limit of characters in a post or stat. In microblogging or Twitter theres a sense of a more professional aspect to it. Yes you have friends and people you can contact but in microblogging you have more posting of information and things that are happening worldwide instead of saying how you feel today. Especially on Twitter the subjects variate everyday all day but it's often the latest in what is happening in the world and it gives people a chance to stay in touch with the world and what is going on while posting things which is restricted to 140 characters.
       Before this project I did have a Twitter and I use Twitter for personal gain such as learning about what's going on in the world, sports, etc. I also use it to stay in contact with certain people who may or may not left Facebook. I use it as a way of entertainment because not only can you hear about things but you can also post reactions to things for everybody to see. Also the obvious celeberties, athletes, polotical figures, organizations, etc. are all on Twitter so it's a way to react with people of that nature as well.
       Twitter has been used beyond socialization because it's being used as a marketing tool more than ever. Organizations, businesses, etc. now are using Twitter to promote their brands, slogans, etc. because they know millions of people rely on Twitter for information so it's a great way to catch people's attention at the same time without having to pay for the publicity. Public figures such as athletes, celeberites, etc. while may use Twitter for personal reason or gain it also give them the chance to relate with their fans. In the sports aspect analysts, reporters are now using Twitter to a great extreme in posting what is happening as it's happening leading to the decline of print media.      Twitter is the newest phenomenon and it's giving people and groups the chance to publicize their brand to millions of people worldwide without having to pay a dime. Politically Twitter is a way for voters to stay current with political representatives along with hear campaigns, etc. through links sent to Twitter so voters feel more involved especially for young voters just starting to vote like myself. Overall Twitter is a great way for people and groups to market and promote themselves by interacting with the people all over by getting and gaining information on a daily basis.

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