Friday, June 15, 2012


My first time using Bufwiki was defiantly an experience and progression if I had to put it into words. I honestly never heard of Bufwiki and was not aware that there was a Wikipedia specifically for the Buffalo region. At the same time I was excited to see what was being written about Buffalo because it being my hometown, Buffalo is often perceived as a negative city so to see some light shined on it defiantly had be excited.
            I found many categories from events in Buffalo such as the Juneteenth to places to eat such as Duff's wings. There were so many categories you could choose that when given the assignment of creating a new wiki page I thought there was nothing left to write about. After hard thinking by my partner and me and just coming from the event the past weekend we decided to write about the Gus Macker tournament.
 The Gus Macker tournament is an international 3 on 3 tournament that is hosted every year in Buffalo in the month of June where players from the city of Buffalo and around the world compete in a basketball tournament to the delight of themselves along with those watching. I thought it was a great event to write about because it is successful and it is something that has been around for years back to 1974 to be exact.
            I've participated in the tournament for years while my partner had never played in the event but living in Buffalo knew about the tournament. With that we pretty much had a player and a spectator writing on the tournament which gave the post multiple views on the event. From my view as the player I was able to write about the different rules, regulations on the event more on the court things while my partner wrote on the off the court things such as specifics on registering, where the event is, who sponsors it, etc.
            Throughout the process my partner and I didn't clash but we had difference on opinions in terms of what should be written and how it should be written. We clashed a little in terms of the rules and how they are regulated, registration process, because again we had different views on these topics but overall we came to a conclusion on what should be written and how it should be written.  When it came down to it I wrote primarily what I knew both on and off the court and the same went for my partner, we combined our ideas, and we edited upon that and came up with our wiki page posted on on the Gus Macker.
            Overall I thought it was a progression because it was new experience to me to see all the different things people had to say about Buffalo and it was a chance for me to put my stamp on Buffalo my hometown. People always say if you have something to say to speak out and I took it as a way for myself to speak out on a positive event that is held in Buffalo every year that is used as a non-profit organization in a way to fund and help our youth in Buffalo in multiple areas. As we all know Buffalo has not been quiet recently in the death category so anyway we can try and help our youth is a success because at the end of the day they are our future.
            Even after making the page a couple day later I realized as I was trying to bring up the page was that our page along with any page on Bufwiki could be edited. One of the main reasons people feel wiklipedia isn’t reliable because anybody can go in and edit a page no matter if it’s right or wrong. I noticed that the picture we posted along with a lot of the information was either deleted or edited. I thought it was ridiculous because it didn’t seem like the person who edited it had even played in a Gus Macker none the less been to one. I didn’t read over the edits which could’ve been right because I knew that it would be something dumb. It made me a little mad that someone would delete some of the work that my partner and I did but at the same time you have to expect that being on Wikipedia. It being my first time I learned from it so hopefully it won’t happen again.
            Taking so much heat being from Buffalo I enjoyed writing the post even if was simply writing about a basketball tournament because I seen it as a campaign that Buffalo has successful events and that even if you aren't from Buffalo outsiders see that hey Buffalo has things going for themselves and maybe it would encourage others to participate in the event and come to Buffalo and see all the other good things we have to offer.
            Overall though I probably wouldn’t make another wiki page because I feel like no matter what you have to say there will always be others who have a difference in opinion and in this case they can go in and change what you say without any permission or authorization. I know the Buffalo area very well so I don’t have to go onto Bufwiki to find things out necessarily. Through it all though it was a great experience learning about a new site along with working with a partner from the area and getting different feedback and thoughts on events and the Buffalo area in general. If I could do it all over again I would probably go more into facts then necessarily what I knew and having the information to back it up more to prevent editing and feedback.
            To learn more about Bufwiki and what it has to offer go to where you can get the link to Bufwiki and all the different Wikipedia’s there are to offer.

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